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I Started out as a small boy in Pennsylvania with rabbit and bird dogs. My uncle had a few curs that he used for squirrel and coon too. We moved to S.D. shortly before I became a teenager and just had a few bird dogs. As I got older, my family steered away from using dogs for hunting and did more fishing and deer hunting. In S.D. it is against the law to use dogs to track deer.  

When we moved to KY. We were reintroduced to coon hunting with hounds. That was fun but all the hounds we went out with was an all night run and most of the time tracking your dog down. We didn't care for that part to much. We came across a cur pup, non papered, several years ago and took her home. Sandy is the first cur I have ever owned myself and fell in love with just how smart and tree minded that this type of breed is. 

Lawrence Miller is one my neighbors who helped us get into the OMC and find some of the best bloodlines that are out there. Because of Lawrence, we are now having allot of fun and are able to help others get into the woods with there first hunting dog too.

We have met many people and and have lots of fun every time we load up the dogs, may it be for a hunt or just pleasure.      


 We would like to give a special thanks to Carl Smith, the president of the O.M.C.B.A. a special thank you for helping us to get started with not only four of our dogs, but all the advice and support he has given.Through the years. We have now several more curs and enjoy squirrel and coon hunting with all of them.

  We would like to give a special special thanks to all O.M.C.B.A. members for such a fine breed of hunting dogs. God Bless on all your adventures.

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