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                                  Mtn. Mindy II



Pedigree at bottom of page


Mindy is 18 inches and weighs 28 lbs but don't let her size fool

you. She is VERY fast in the woods with a LOUD mouth to go

with her speed.  Mindy started treeing squirrels when she was

four and a half months old and has only gotten better with

age. Mindy is a close to medium hunter and checks back in

around every 20 minutes if game is hard.  We have never coon

hunted with Mindy but I will tell you that she will NOT respond

to caged game!  But is very gamie with squirrels.

Mindy has only been bred once to Springhill's Flop and all 7 of

her pups turned out very well and had all that was needed  to

make great squirrel and coon dogs with the taller legs and

mouth to boot!!


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