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                      REBEL'S GAMBLER


NC & FBA 2011 Tree Dog Of The Year




 at $300.00

References are available

Must have Negative Brucellosis test.    


Pedigree at bottom of page


 OMCBA, NKC, UKC Registered


Gambler is as tree minded as you can get and will get you the squirrels! We have mainly worked him on squirrels and hope to get him championed out soon. 

Gambler will go deep to get treed. He uses his nose and if anything fall from the trees he is on it!  He has a loud mouth and very fast and hard hitting. Will hunt with anyone or any dog, as well as alone.

Gambler stands 22 inches at the shoulder and weighs 42 pounds. He is very friendly and not ill in any way. Very well behaved in the kennel as well as in the woods. 


NKC Squirrel Champion 2009

NKC Tree Champion 2009

NKC Grand Tree Champion 2010

NKC Bench Champion 2011

NC&RBA Tree Dog Of The Year 2011

NKC S.Gr. Tr. Ch. 2012

2010 KY State Youth Hunt Tree Champion, 114 barks in a minute

NKC Youth World Reserve Tree Champion Mo. 2010 with 66 barks in 30 seconds.

NKC Youth Novice World squirrel hunt 2nd place Mo. 2010

NKC first place win champion class squirrel hunt Williamsburg Ky 2010

NKC First place win bench show Williamsburg Ky 2010

8th place win squirrel hunt at the Claude Thomas Appreciation World Hunt Cookeville Tn. Nov. 2010

7th place win NKC Ky State Squirrel Hunt Nov. 2010

4th place win NKC Ky State Tree contest Nov. 2010

Tn. State Squirrel Champion March 2011

Tn. State Bench Show Champion March 2011

11th place In. State Squirrel Hunt April 2011

1st place In State Tree Contest April 2011

6th place Midwest Cur & Feist  Round-up Squirrel Hunt April 2011

1st place Midwest Cur & Feist Round-up Tree Contest April 2011

 17th place NKC World Youth Squirrel Hunt Columbia Mo. 2011

13th place NKC World Squirrel Hunt Elora IN. Oct. 2011

2011 National Cur & Feist Breeders Association World Tree Champion & Grand Tree Champion Elora IN.

11th place in Sq. Hunt at the Claude Thomas Appreciation World Hunt , Albany Ky. 2012 

10th Place In State Squirrel hunt Elnora In March 30st 

2012 In. State Tree Ch. Elnora In March 30th 2012 This made Gambler a S. Gr. TR. Ch.

4th place Tree contest Midwest Roundup Elnora In. March 31st 2012

5th place Squirrel hunt NKC World Youth Hunt  MO 2012

250 plus  no minus points cast winner

Best Ch Win Bench Show Jeffersonville Ky Jan 2013

4th Place Squirrel Hunt Claude Thomas World Hunt Albany Ky 2014



Gambler has a 3rd place win for 6-1 year old male bench 08

6th place win for the tree contest with 97 barks in one minute 09

10th place win at Jamestown Tn. Sept 09

7th place win at In state hunt 09

7th place win Ky state hunt 09

6th place treeing contest Jamestown Tn. March,  2010

2nd place dash race at Jamestown Tn. June,2010

7th place win tree contest 107  barks in a minute, Jamestown Tn. Sept. 2010

2nd place Dash Race Jamestown Tn. Sept. 2010

4th place OMC Youth Squirrel Hunt Jamestown Tn. Sept. 2010

4th place IN. OMC State Squirrel hunt Sept 2010

9th place Squirrel Hunt, Jamestown Tn June 2011

5th place Tree Contest, Jamestown Tn. June 2011

3rd place Dash Race, Jamestown Tn. June 2011

4th Place Squirrel Hunt Jamestown Tn. Sept 2011

1st Place Youth Squirrel Hunt Jamestown Tn. 2011

8th place KY State Squirrel Hunt Oct 1st 2011

4th Place Tree Contest (47 barks - 30 seconds) Billy Joe Memorial Hunt Greenup Ky April 7th 2012

3rd Place Squirrel Hunt  Jamestown Tn. June 9th 2012

2nd place Dash Race Jamestown Tn June 9th 2012

3rd Place Youth Squirrel Hunt Jamestown Tn. June 9th 2012

9th place coon hunt Sept 2012 Jamestown Tn.

9th place OMC Ky State Coon Hunt Jeffersonville Ky. Oct  2012

4th place coon hunt cast winner  Billy Joe Hunt Memorial South Shore KY March 1st 2013

 We also strongly encourage you to see him in the woods to see if he is what you would like to breed your female to. 



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