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 Streakin Rebel

Owned by

Bill Croyle & Lea Croyle





Permanently retired from competition and no longer available for stud. He will be 11 years old this year and now just enjoys being a pleasure dog.   

Pedigree at bottom of page


OMCBA NT. Ch. 2009


   OMCBA WORLD TR. CH. 2007 & 2008 & 2012

OMCBA Ky State Tree Ch. 2012

2X OMCBA Ky State Reserve NT Ch Spring & Fall 2012


3rd place Tree Contest OMCBA Spring Classic 2011

10th Place Coon Hunt OMCBA Spring Classic 2011

2nd place Dash Race,  Jamestown Tn. June 2011

2nd place Champion Class Coon Hunt, Jamestown Tn. June 2011

1st Place Grand Tree Champion Class Jamestown Tn. Sept 2011

2nd Place Dash Race Jamestown Tn. Sept 2011

2nd Place Champion Class Coon Hunt Jamestown Tn. Sept 2011

4th Place World Tree Contest, Handled by Carl Smith Jamestown Tn. 2011

4th Place World Coon Hunt, Handled by Tracy Edwards Jamestown Tn. 2011

6th place treeing contest March 17th 2012 Jamestown Tn.

2nd place Coon Hunt 1st Annual Billy Joe Hunt Memorial Greenup Ky April 6th 2012

1st Place Northeast Ky. State Champion Treeing Contest (64 barks- 30 seconds) 1st Annual Billy Joe Hunt Memorial  Greenup Ky April 7th 2012

2nd place coon hunt Ch. class Jamestown Tn. June 9th 2012

GR Tr CH Sept 2012 Jamestown Tn

4th place CH  class Coon hunt Sept Jamestown Tn 2012

OMC Ky. State Reserve Nt. Ch. Jeffersonville Ky Oct. 2012

World Tree Ch. OMC World Hunt Jamestown Tn. 2012

5th place coon hunt Billy Joe Hunt Memorial South Shore Ky. March 1st 2013

7th place tree contest Billy Joe Hunt Memorial South Shore Ky March 2nd 2013




 NKC NT Ch 2011

NKC TR CH 2013



 NKC World NT Ch 2014



NKC 1st Place place win  coon hunt at the Claude Thomas Appreciation World Championship 2008

    NKC 1st place win tree contest at the Claude Thomas Appreciation World Championship 2008

NKC 1st place win Best of show Claude Thomas Appreciation World Ch. 2008

NKC World Youth Hunt Columbia Mo. 2011

1st place Bench Best of Age

4th place Tree Contest

4th place Coon Hunt

10th place coon hunt Midwest Cur & Feist Roundup Elnore In. March 31st 2012

2012 NKC World Reserve Tree Ch. at the NKC World Youth Hunt

Mo. 67.3 barks in 30 seconds Aug. 2012

7th place coon hunt NC&FBA World Hunt Elnora In. Oct 13th


 1st place tree contest Jeffersonville Ky Jan. 12 2013

Best male cur Jeffersonville Ky  Jan 12 2013 

World Nt Ch. Claude Thomas World Hunt. Albany Ky Feb. 2014


Rebel is now 9 years old and has many pups on the ground, his first litter is now 7 years old and have several in comp hunts all over! Here are three of them, Rebel's Gambler, Put-Um-Up Tuff and Rebel's Reba and  Petey now an OMC Gr Ch and world nt. ch. are four of the many at this time. There are many references that we can provide on pups as well as Rebel's hunting ability and how the offspring and grand offspring are doing in and out of the woods!  We have pics of some of the pups out of Rebel in our photo section.

Streaking Rebel is a coon dog to the bone but his pups are both squirrel and coon dogs and have drive, heart and hunt in all they do! Rebel is also throwing a loud mouth into his offspring too!  He has one of the best demeanor of any dog I have ever seen and loves everyone.  

 We look forward to the many years with him and getting lots of coons down to him. 




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